April 16, 2024

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Simplified licensing of 11 more types of economic activities

The draft law of the Ministry of Development and Investment, which was submitted for public discussion, a process that will last until May 13, aims to simplify the licensing of 11 other types of economic activity.

Recall that another bill was recently adopted that simplified the licensing procedure for a number of economic activities, but made many changes to the licensing of production activities located in industrial zones (industrial zones).

The new bill simplifies procedures for the following activities:

Roadside assistance companies and roadside assistance partners. Driving schools for cars and motorcycles. Theoretical training centers for candidate drivers. Vocational schools / centers for the issuance of certificates of professional competence for drivers of cars and trucks. Separate diet rooms and universal diet blocks. Salons of aesthetics and beauty. Tourist offices. Tourist trucking companies. Sanatorium complexes. Resort-tourist and thermal centers. Thalassotherapy centers.

According to the bill, roadside assistance companies and their associates will now be subject to a simple notification regime, that is, they will be able to start their activities by notifying the relevant integrated information system. Until this system is operational, notification is sent to the competent authority or KEP. Of course, they must have all the necessary supporting documents in case an inspection is carried out by the competent authorities after the start of work. The first check must be done for all roadside assistance companies and roadside assistance partners within 2 months of the initial notification.

Driving schools are also subject to a simple notification mode. Driving instructors have the right to establish driving schools as individuals holding a valid profession certificate. In the case of a legal entity, it is sufficient that one of the employees has the appropriate certificate.

Also, the notification mode will include diet rooms, beauty salons, tourist offices. In fact, the work of tourist offices is allowed, which can provide their services exclusively via the Internet. These Tourist Offices must include the term “Electronic Services” (electronic services) in their distinctive name. The prerequisites for their legal functioning are the availability of office space and prior notification. The simple notification mode will also include tourist trucking companies as well as tourist and thermal centers and thalassotherapy centers.

In educational institutions for professional drivers, a work permit is required, which must be issued within 60 days of the submission of the relevant supporting documents.

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