An uncontrolled Chinese rocket crashes to Earth

The PRC has lost control over the twenty-ton rocket, which it launched to deliver the space station module into orbit. At this time, the Changzhen-5B launch vehicle is falling to Earth, according to the Daily Mail.

As experts expect, the aircraft will fall in the coming days, possibly weeks. Its debris will land in an approximately defined range: north of Beijing, Madrid, New York and south of Wellington (New Zealand) and Chile. More precisely, the place of the fall has not yet been determined, the analysis of the trajectory of the rocket continues.

The Changzhen 5B launch vehicle was launched by China on April 29 to deliver its first Heaven Harmony module to its future space station. Soon, Chinese experts discovered that the aircraft was “slowly” (more than four miles per second) moving towards the Earth, while uncontrollably. And if earlier it was planned that “Changzhen-5B” would descend to Earth in the designated area of ​​the ocean, now the place of its landing is still unpredictable. Experts warn that the debris of the huge apparatus may well fall on densely populated areas.

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