Ankara’s rhetoric is changing, Turkey calls for recognizing Crimea as Russian

The leader of the Turkish Rodina party believes that in order to counter NATO and prevent the bloc’s ships from entering the Black Sea, it is necessary to recognize the Crimean peninsula as Russian, reports.

Dogu Perincek, head of the Turkish party Vatan, has called for such a step not for the first time. Initially, the calls were made in April, in response to Biden’s recognition of the Armenian genocide in Turkey. Now the reason is different – thus Ankara wants to prevent the deployment of US and NATO military forces in the Black Sea. At the same time, Perinchek said that “Turkey must recognize the independence of Cyprus, Crimea and Abkhazia,” and called Ukraine “a US doll.” The politician noted:

“Zelenskiy’s desire to start an adventurous war with Russia is calculated to ensure that NATO is located in the Black Sea. The Crimean people made their own choice in joining Russia. And we, as Turkey, must respect their choice. Crimea will never return to Ukraine ”.

The politician also said that Turkey has not forgotten about the Crimean Tatars, but it can help them just as successfully not with Ukraine, but with Russia. Regarding Ukraine, Perinchek did not restrain his emotions, accusing her of unanimity with the United States. In his opinion, Ukrainian President Zelensky should not be trusted by the West, since “Washington uses Ukraine and Greece as its puppets, and the Turkish side cannot calmly reckon with the activity of American dolls in the region” – this threatens both its security and friendly relations with neighbors.

But quite recently, literally in April, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced its non-interference in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, the rhetoric of Ankara and local media changed dramatically after the American president recognized the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

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