April is the second deadliest month of the pandemic in Greece

In April, 2,288 Greek residents died as a result of coronavirus infection. Thus, in 2021, this month is characterized as the most “deadly”, with the highest number of deaths (and the second most fatal since the beginning of the pandemic).

According to experts, the country is currently “in the whirlpool” of the third wave of covid. And despite the fact that there is a trend towards a slight steady decline in infections, the number of intubated remains above 800, and the number of deaths is high.

To date, 10,315 people have died in Greece as a result of coronavirus infection. The deadliest month of the pandemic was December 2020, when 2,432 people died. This is followed by April 2021 (2288) and November 2020 (1780).

It should be noted that in November and December 2020, we were at the center of the 2nd wave and actually for the first time realized how deadly the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, is. Until November, 626 people died in Greece, which is very few compared to other European countries.

April became the deadliest month of 2021
We entered 2021 with optimism, and in the first 2 months we managed to reduce the death rate below 1000 per month (958 and 708 cases in January and February, respectively).

However, the spread of more active (contagious) mutations caused the outbreak of the 3rd wave in the world and, of course, in Greece. Thus, although there were not many victims in the state in relation to the peak of the 2nd wave, their number remains high.

In particular, March 2021 was the 4th deadliest month of the pandemic, killing 1,589 people. Unfortunately, the month, which is a thing of the past just a few hours ago, became the second most deadly since the beginning of the pandemic in the country – 2288 people died from coronavirus in 30 days of April.

With over 100,000 vaccinations available daily in May, everyone wants April 2021 to be the final black page of the Greek pandemic.

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