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UK: millionaire dies of exhaustion

In order to get a tidbit from the inheritance of the British millionaire, spouses Linda and Wayne Ricarda decided to commit a crime, says the Daily Mail.

Recently, a trial against the Ricard couple began in Great Britain – they are accused of murdering the owner of the house where they lived. And not just in murder – they starved millionaire James Sutheran, who hardly expected such a cruel and premature end to his life.

Since 2006, the Ricards have lived in a Sutheran farmhouse. According to the investigation, the couple carefully developed a criminal plan. They decided to steal with the help of a false will first the elderly mother of the millionaire Joy, and then himself. According to the forged will, Linda Ricard was to receive half of Joy’s estate, which was estimated at £ 1.5 million, and a third of Sutheran’s impressive fortune (£ 3.5 million).

Old woman Joy did not keep her death long and passed away in 2012, having lived 92 years. It was only 18 months after her death, and the 59-year-old Suteran died. Due to his health condition, after the death of his mother, he was confined to bed, and, naturally, Linda became his nurse. Realizing her criminal plan, the woman almost did not feed him, did not change the bed linen and deprived the sick man of the last joy – she did not allow him to watch TV.

When the millionaire died, the doctors stated that the death occurred as a result of “a pulmonary infection that developed against the background of exhaustion.” The man weighed only 57 kg, but by the time the doctors arrived, there was a McDonald’s lunch on his bedside table, next to him was a plate of chocolate and a delicious donut. However, an eyewitness was found who spoke about the last days of Sutheran.

Under pressure from irrefutable evidence, the Ricarda couple confessed to forging two wills, but they deny any involvement in the death of the millionaire. Nevertheless, they are accused of murder and a number of other crimes.

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