Russia: deportation of illegal immigrants, including Ukrainians, is coming

The authorities of the Russian Federation plan to deport illegal migrants by June 15, RIA Novosti reports. Last Friday, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in an ultimatum demanded that the governments of the countries of the former USSR take away their citizens illegally staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Among the illegal migrants staying on the territory of Russia there are 332 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan, 247 thousand who came from Tajikistan, 152 thousand Ukrainians. Alexander Gorovoy, deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry, says:

“If you and I do not remove this number by June 15, as the presidential decree implies, these people will be punished, up to the expulsion and closure of borders.”

In mid-December, in connection with the pandemic that struck the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree extending the period of temporary residence of migrants in the Russian Federation until June 15, 2021. However, the terms will not be extended, and citizens illegally staying in the territory of Russia must leave the country. This is what Russian laws require.

According to them, upon entry, a foreigner receives a migration card, which indicates the period of legal stay in the country – for 90 days. In addition, you need to register – either at the place of residence or at the place of work. After the specified period, an extension for another 3 months is allowed, and then the foreigner is obliged to leave the country, with the right to re-enter only after six months. However, there are exceptions to these rules that relate to:

citizens with LDNR passports; who have a residence permit or a temporary residence permit; applied for citizenship; officially registered with refugee status; state students Universities; highly qualified specialists.

The deportation of citizens of other states, including Ukrainians, is carried out at their expense. Often the process takes place right at the border crossing – when an illegal immigrant tries to leave Russia, border guards record a violation of the terms of stay in the country and issue a deportation document.

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