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April 19 deadline for submission of applications for participation in the ΟΑΕΔ programs

The deadline is April 19 to apply for an employment program designed for unemployed graduates aged 22 to 29.

Due to a particularly high demand from companies to create new jobs by filling vacancies with unemployed graduates between the ages of 22 and 29, the ΟΑΕΔ administration has decided to suspend new applications from Tuesday April 20, according to a relevant report from the Employment Agency.

To date, more than 5,800 applications have been filed by companies to create 3,500 new subsidized jobs, according to the report. Recall that the program subsidizes 75% of wages and insurance premiums (up to 750 euros per month). This includes Christmas and Easter gifts and a holiday manual.

Process of participation in the ΟΑΕΔ program:

Enterprises apply for a vacancy in electronic form, indicating the specialty and level of education of the applicant for the position. ΟΑΕΔ confirms that the company meets the conditions for joining the program. Employment consultants ΟΑΕΔ nominate candidates for a vacancy. The company selects from a number of candidates and hires the unemployed. All companies that have not reduced their staff in the quarter preceding the submission of the application and have not received funding from the state in excess of 200,000 euros in the previous three years (current and two previous) are eligible to participate.

As part of the agency’s active employment policy, eight open programs are being implemented, providing a total of 42,600 subsidized new jobs, subsidies of up to 100% of wages and contributions, simplified conditions, and faster integration, recruitment and payment procedures. After the end of the grant, the company does not have any obligations to the employee.

For more information, those interested can visit the ΟΑΕΔ website: http://www.oaed.gr/anoikta-programmata.

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