June 24, 2024

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Der Spiegel: the Baltic countries and Poland will send their troops to Ukraine (video)

The German publication Der Spiegel, citing sources, reported when Poland and the Baltic countries will send troops to Ukraine.

As the article says, this will happen in the event of serious successes of the Russian military at the front:

“If the Russians achieve a strategic breakthrough in eastern Ukraine, because the West is helping without much enthusiasm, then the situation could deteriorate sharply. In this case, the Baltic countries and Poland will not wait for Russian troops to reach their borders, Baltic politicians warned – they will introduce troops to Ukraine. And this means that NATO will become a participant in the war. This is exactly what the Chancellor and the President of the United States are rightfully afraid of.”

Edition notes that Baltic politicians warned Germany about such developments during the Lennart Meri conference in Tallinn. However, Der Spiegel did not specify which Latvian politicians made such statements.

In February, French President Emmanuel Macron said that admits the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. He later clarified that this would only happen if the country's authorities asked for it. However, Germany, the USA and Poland reported that they had no such plans. The article also says that the German military now describes the prospects for Ukraine as bleaker than ever:

“Kyiv keeps the status quo secret, even from its allies. Still, there are signs, such as the sudden movements of anti-aircraft systems supplied by Germany, that indicate simple desperation. The Secret Service is providing similarly dire predictions, warning that neither the additional ammunition nor the new mobilization law that would draft more Ukrainians into military service will have a noticeable impact until the end of the fall.”

We wrote earlier that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, the United States will hit the positions Russian Federation in Ukraine.



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