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Caring for a puppy using the Rottweiler as an example

It's finished! The hilarious, restless fat man that he had been dreaming about for so long finally appeared in the house, of which he would become a reliable guard in the near future.

When planning to acquire a new family member, it is advisable to choose a time when at least during the first week he will not be left alone. This is very important, because the puppy was taken away from his mother, he will be sad, and he needs help to get used to the new place.

Everyone chooses the breed of the new family member to their own taste. But caring for a baby of any breed is almost the same, so let’s look at the main nuances using the example of a Rottweiler – an intelligent and devoted dog to its owner. Its content has its own characteristics. So: how to arrange a place for him, what to feed him and where to start raising him – about everything in order.

Setting up a toilet

Having sniffed the nearby territory, the baby brought into the house hilariously sat down and made the first puddle… From now on, if you do not pay due attention to this process, walking with a mop in your hand will become a regular and lengthy activity. Rottweilers are the smartest breed. If you set out to teach a puppy to do his “tricks” in the right place, it will take a week, and often less.

In a place convenient for the owner, in the warm season it can be a balcony, you need to put an ordinary diaper or an old towel. Every time after sleeping, eating, or playing outdoor games, you need to put your baby on it and wait patiently until he recovers. After a successful result, it is recommended to praise him, stroke him, or give him something tasty.

It will take no more than seven days to consolidate the process in the puppy’s memory, which will directly depend on the attentiveness of the owner. After this period, the dog will go to its own personal toilet quite independently – until you have completed all the vaccinations. After this, the process can be transferred outside, but the diaper will come to the rescue more than once – when you come home from work, the puddles will not take you by surprise, and the baby will, out of habit, go to the balcony in your absence if necessary.

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What to feed a puppy

The huge brotherhood of owners of this popular breed never tires of arguing about which food to prefer to feed their pet – fresh or ready-made. Each option has unshakable fans who are confident that they are right. Of course, ready-made food saves the owners a lot of time, however, if, for example, you separate your husband from his favorite cutlets and put him on crackers with different flavor nuances and added vitamins, he is unlikely to be satisfied.

Rottweilers are big gourmands who get great pleasure from food. In the first months, he needs nutritious, frequent meals with the addition of minerals and vitamins. Self-prepared cottage cheese with calcium, finely chopped pieces of meat with vegetables and the addition of olive or sunflower oil, eggs, thick cereal soup, raw apples and carrots – the baby eats all this with pleasure, and dry food can be used as a treat.

Having become accustomed to such variety, the puppy will not refuse ready-made food if he goes out into the countryside, when he does not have a fresh regular lunch with him. You should remember a simple and mandatory rule – you should not give tidbits to your pet from the table. Otherwise, in the near future, on the dining table at every meal there will be the head of a new family member sighing noisily and looking tenderly into the owner’s chewing mouth.

The character of the little despot and his upbringing

Almost from the first day in a new home, feeling universal love and attention, the baby can show stubbornness and some mischief, striving to become the leader in the new “pack”. In no case should you indulge him; this can lead to unpredictable consequences in the future.

Rottweilers are touchy and vulnerable and should not be hit or harshly punished, but the owner must be adamant and persistent in the proper prohibitions. From the first days, the puppy must understand that he is obliged to obey all the fair and strict requirements of the owner. If he has misbehaved, then it is quite enough, without raising his voice, to make him feel his guilt with the help of strict intonations and the word “impossible.” If there is a clear reluctance to obey, for example, the baby continues to bite his feet or scuff his slippers, you can lightly spank him with a folded newspaper.

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Rottweiler care

The smooth-haired breed does not require special care for its appearance. Sometimes you should comb the fur with a massage brush and bathe your pet 2-3 times a year. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the teeth, periodically clean the ears with a special stick and prevent the nails from being too long.

But when walking with your dog, you should pay maximum attention – active games on the playground, long walks, swimming, running after a stick or ball. All this is necessary for normal development, pumping up muscles, and releasing excess energy.

Rottweiler puppies get along well with all family members, including small children. They are patient with childish pranks and infinitely friendly, but the child should still be explained how to behave with a dog. Only children over fourteen years of age can be trusted to train and walk with a Rottweiler.

With proper upbringing and proper attention, Rottweilers grow up to be loyal, gentle, intelligent dogs that understand their owners literally at a glance. This is a full member of the family, incapable of offending a child and faithfully guarding the house and household members. But if you are not sure that you can pay enough attention to the puppy and raise it properly, it is better to opt for another breed, a simpler one, the representative of which will not require so much of your time and will not claim the status of a family member.

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