June 22, 2024

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A bus full of passengers caught fire in Haidari (video)

Yesterday, Friday May 24, at approximately 9.30 am, a fire broke out in a tourist bus with passengers in Haidari.

Fortunately, no people were injured. The bus was parked at the intersection of Karaiskaki Street and Athens Avenue, passengers in panic abandoned the vehicle engulfed in fire. The head of the social service, D. Shaidariu Vasso Dimu, says:

“I saw the female driver and as soon as she got out and stopped, she unloaded the people inside. She was in a serious psychological state.”

Six firefighters in two vehicles managed to contain the fire in the car's engine. The bus is completely destroyed. A large traffic jam formed in this area; traffic was restored only after 11.00. writes newsbeast.gr.

Just two days ago we toldthat a tourist bus carrying five foreigners caught fire on the Lamia-Thessaloniki national road and was completely burnt out. The passengers and driver managed to escape. The fire started from the engine and the flames quickly engulfed the vehicle.

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