June 24, 2024

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Washington feared that Tehran would blame the US or Israel for the crash of the presidential plane (video)

It seems that Washington was really afraid of World War III due to the death of Iranian President Raisi.

How writes BB.LV edition, Senator Chuck Schumer said that the United States is investigating all versions of the plane crash. And three senior U.S. officials told Politico that the U.S. administration was “watching the fallout with alarm.” helicopter crash with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. According to sources, Washington feared that Tehran would blame the US or Israel for the plane crash. White House officials even no longer seemed crazy to ask: “Is this really how the third world war begins?”

Early intelligence ruled out that anything other than bad weather could have caused the helicopter to crash. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, stressed that, according to intelligence findings, there is no evidence of “foul play”:

“There was very bad foggy weather in northwestern Iran where the helicopter crashed. So it appears to be an accident, but the case is still under investigation.”

Iranian Ambassador to Belarus Alireza Samei also named bad weather as a likely cause of the helicopter crash. However, he added that the exact reasons for the incident will be established by a special commission that will study the weather and technical flight conditions.

Against this background, the US presidential administration continues to fear that Tehran will make “hypothetical accusations” that will lead to an escalation in relations with Israel. The White House publicly stated that no state had anything to do with the tragedy. The State Department emphasized that the Iranian government bears “responsibility for the flight of a 45-year-old helicopter in bad weather conditions.”

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