June 23, 2024

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Türkiye draws attention to oddities in Iranian President's helicopter crash

A number of oddities in the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of the president, the head of the Foreign Ministry and other officials of Iran were pointed out by the Turkish publication Turkiye.

In the publication of the publication, citing a source in the Iranian security authorities, it saysthat, as a rule, Raisi flew on Russian Mi-171s, but on May 19 he flew on an American Bell-212:

“Usually the helicopters for Raisi’s trips were selected from Russian-made models, but for the flight to Tabriz we chose an American helicopter assembled 30 years ago

The source also pointed out that previously pilots for the president’s flights were appointed from the ranks of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and on the day of the crash the pilots were from the Iranian army.

Turkiye also reported that Abdollahian should not have been on board. The head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the governor of Tabriz, Malik Rahmeti, were supposed to board another helicopter together, but at the last moment there were changes before departure. Also on the presidential board were Imam of Tabriz Mohammad Ali Ale Hashem, a helicopter crew and one security guard.

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