June 24, 2024

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Weather: 5 days of heat and African dust

Today a difficult five days have begun, bringing us a suffocating atmosphere of dust-laden air and heat – in some regions the thermometers will show 35-36°C.

Summer in May brings subtropical air flow to Greece, facilitating the transfer of dust and warm air masses from Africa. From today, Thursday 16 May, the air temperature will rise to 30°C, and over the weekend in central and southern Greece the air will warm up to 35°C.

The first severe heat wave is expected from Friday to Monday – with warm air masses, stormy southerly winds in the Ionian Sea and high temperatures for the season. High concentrations of dust from the Sahara, combined with high temperatures, will once again create a dangerous cocktail, especially for vulnerable populations.

The highest temperatures are expected on Friday and the weekend. In Athens thermometers will show 30°C-31°C, in Thessaloniki 25°C-27°C. Heavy dust movement will occur on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, warns newsbeast.gr.

Tomorrow, Friday May 17th, in the southern regions of the country it will be cloudy, visibility in the morning hours will be locally limited. The transfer of African dust mainly to the west and south of the country. Temperatures will rise and reach 22-24°C in the north, 28-30°C in the west, 26-29°C in the center and south, and 33°C in places in northern Crete.

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