May 22, 2024

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The Senate voted to allocate funding to Ukraine

The US Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a combined $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

The bill to provide funding to US allies received 79 votes in favor, with 17 senators voting against. Thus, both chambers of the US Congress approved the bill, and for it to enter into force, the document must be signed by US President Joe Biden. The head of state intends to do this today, April 24.

Previously our publication reportedthat the Pentagon already has “massive military aid for Ukraine ready to use.” After the vote on the aid package and the president's signature, US military support will reach Ukraine within a few days. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources. American officials say that large-scale aid is already ready to be sent, since the package was formed a long time ago.

The source said that after the $95 billion foreign aid bill was signed, “it will take less than a week for some of the weapons to reach the battlefield.”

Let us remind you that the bill includes $61 billion for Ukraine, and the rest of the amount is intended for Israel and American partners in Asia. The publication notes that the first package is expected to contain shells, including the 155mm standard used in NATO-style howitzers, and ammunition for other medium-range artillery. The Pentagon will probably provide Ukraine with a new tranche of equipment and ammunition for air defense.

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