July 14, 2024

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Dora's unprecedented apology for recognition of Kosovo

After 10 days of inexplicable silence, Dora Bakoyanni apologized for her unacceptable position in the Council of Europe, paving the way for international recognition of Kosovo.

And for these “apologies” she chose to turn not to the Greek, but to the Cypriot media, which, understandably, raised questions about her position, assuring that the possible recognition of Kosovo by the Council of Europe does not affect the prospect of recognition of the occupied territories, since “these are different cases”

Ms. Bakoyanni, in her usual style, actually admitted that succumbed to pressure (I wonder in what equivalent this pressure was expressed) and changed its recommendation, giving a positive conclusion on the entry of a hybrid, Albanian-controlled state to a leading European organization. “The pressure from the international community was very strong because Kosovo, from a legal point of view, fully accepted the entire legal culture EU(!),” she said, actually admitting the Serbian accusations that Kosovo is a foreign puppet, which dictated the change in her position.

The assertion that Kosovo has adopted – and indeed has fully embraced – …European legal culture is a clear exaggeration, since the state is considered, among other things, the center of the international drug trade and the cradle of the U-Che-Ka paramilitary forces, who committed crimes in the former Yugoslavia and continue to persecute the Serb minority in the region.

It should also be noted that the Prime Minister of this pseudo-state, Albin Kurti, along with other representatives of the regime, previously proudly posed with maps of a “greater Albania”, including part of the Greek territory up to Preveza, so the positive opinion of Mrs. Bakoyanni, along with all ” fanfare” about compliance with European standards should be an additional surprise.

Dora Bakoyanni added flattery and reassurances to the Cypriot side as she rushed to Nicosia at the head of a delegation of members of the Greek delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Her remarks came ahead of a meeting with Cypriot Parliament Speaker Anita Demetriou, who appeared unconvinced by Ms Bakoyannis' justification and said she would discuss Kosovo in their private meeting.

The issue remains particularly sensitive as Ms Bakoyanni also tried to undermine Cyprus' position in the Council of Europe by claiming that two delegations (Greek and Cypriot) were traveling together. However, about a year ago, when Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe was first requested, Cyprus voted against it and Greece abstained.

One can only guess whether the Cypriot position has now changed on the initiative of the new President Nikos Christodoulides, who seems to be increasingly divided “European policy” Kyriakos Mitsotakis…

PS When a few years ago on the pages of this publication, in the comments under publications, a controversy broke out over Greece’s recognition of Kosovo, the author doubted that this would last. Then I wrote: “just as “North Macedonia” was recognized, so Kosovo will be recognized. It’s a matter of time.” For which he was subjected to accusations that “we are not like that.” And what are we now?

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