May 25, 2024

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Prime Minister of Italy in pornographic video

Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni demands one hundred thousand euros for a deepfake porn with his image.

Her image is like tells Russian BBC, two “craftsmen” inserted it into a pornographic video, which collected millions of views. The prime minister’s lawyers demanded 100 thousand euros from the creators.

It is worth noting that deepfakes of Meloni appeared on American porn sites before she became Prime Minister of Italy in 2022. A court hearing is scheduled for July 2 in the city of Sassari in Sardinia, where Meloni will testify.

A 73-year-old father and a 40-year-old son, whose names have not been officially named, are accused of producing and distributing a deepfake. These actions fall under the criminal defamation provisions of Italian law. The men were found through a mobile device used to download the video, police said.

Lawyers for the Italian Prime Minister called the amount they demanded symbolic. They promise to transfer all the money allocated to a fund to support women who have become victims of violence from men.

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