May 27, 2024

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Greece: weather during the holidays (video)

ERT3 weather forecast presenter Sakis Arnautoglu spoke about what the weather will be like on March 25.

He said that a small atmospheric disturbance at the local level is expected on Monday morning, but it will be short-lived, and the weather is expected to improve by midday. According to the meteorologist’s forecast, a fairly strong northwest wind is expected on this day, the strength of which will be 5-6 points on the Beaufort scale.

Today, Thursday, March 21, clear, partly cloudy weather is expected. In the northeast, light rain is possible in the afternoon, warns Sakis Arnautoğlu. National Observatory reports that fine, partly cloudy weather is expected throughout the country today. From midday the clouds will become denser in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, where occasional showers are possible.

Air temperature: in Western Macedonia from -3°C to 16°C, in the rest of Northern Greece from 5°C to 19°C, in Epirus 2-18°C, in Thessaly from 2 to 20°C, in the rest of the territory mainland from 5 to 19-21°C. On the Ionian Islands 6-19°C, on the islands of the North and North-East Aegean Sea 6-17°C, in other island parts of the Aegean Sea and on Crete from 8°C to 18°C.

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