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Tucker Carlson about an interview with the Russian President and Ukrainian Nazis

Former Fox News channel host Tucker Carlson spoke on February 29 about the nuances of an interview with Vladimir Putin in a podcast by American blogger Lex Friedman.

“I didn’t understand what this means – denazification,” – admitted scandalous journalist, who in early February took interview with the Russian president. According to him, it is stupid to say that in 2024 there is a full-fledged Nazi movement. “Calling them (Ukrainians) Nazis is somehow childish,” Carlson said, noting that Putin does seem to believe in the need to “denazify” Ukraine, calling it one of the goals of the war.

Tucker Carlson called the words about the “denazification” of Ukraine one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard: “Denazification”, which justifies the invasion of Ukraine, is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard, journalist. Sharing his impressions of the interview, he said that the Kremlin is trying to demonize Ukrainians by calling them Nazis. Carlson admitted that he did not like this part of the conversation with the Russian announcer. At the same time, the American journalist noted that during the conversation with Putin, he got the impression that he really believed in his statements.

In early February, Tucker Carlson published interview with Vladimir Putin, for which he came to Moscow. During this conversation, the Russian President once again tried to justify the invasion of Ukraine with a variety of reasons that he spoke about in previous speeches, and also stated that in 1939 Adolf Hitler attacked Poland because he was allegedly “forced” to do so Poles.

Carlson himself did not ask Putin any pointed questions during the conversation. The journalist was harshly criticized both before and after the conversation for his position.

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