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Transnistria requested “protection of Russia” from the Ukrainian threat

The unrecognized Transnistrian Republic has officially asked Russia for protection from “aggressive actions by Moldova,” which has attracted NATO, moving away from its traditional neutrality. There are also reports of military actions from Ukraine.

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 29, Putin will address the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and touch on this topic. If he grants Transnistria’s request, things will change in the region as Russia expands westward from Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that one of Russia’s priorities is to protect the interests of the residents of Transnistria. This is how the foreign policy department commented on the appeal of the Transnistrian authorities to Russia to resolve relations with Moldova. “Protecting the interests of the residents of Pridnestrovie, our compatriots, is one of the priorities. All requests are always carefully considered by the Russian relevant departments,” they said. TASS at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Moldova’s reaction to the congress in Tiraspol

President of Moldova Maia Sandu, who is on a foreign visit to Albania and is participating in the Ukraine-Southeastern Europe summit, has not yet commented on the declaration adopted by the Pridnestrovian “deputies”. The representative of the Moldovan government, Daniel Voda, assured that there is no danger of escalation and destabilization of the situation in the region.

“This is another campaign that is trying to hysterize society around this so-called event in Tiraspol. This is an event planned by those who are to the left of the Dniester and the Kremlin,” wrote Water on Telegram. He assured that Chisinau is closely monitoring what is happening in the unrecognized republic. “What is happening in Tiraspol is a propaganda event, a technique that does not deserve live broadcasts by foreign journalists or intense headlines in news bulletins,” summed up the speaker of the Moldovan government.

What is known about this congress:

  • the resolution of the Congress of Deputies contains a request “to implement measures to protect Transnistria in the context of increasing pressure from Moldova,” which ones are not specified;
  • the authors emphasize that more than 220 thousand Russian citizens live in the republic. They also drew attention to the positive experience of Russian peacekeeping on the Dniester, the status of a guarantor and mediator in the negotiation process;
  • the resolution states that Moldova has actually launched an economic war against Transnistria, is seeking to destroy the healthcare system, and is avoiding political dialogue;
  • it is emphasized that Pridnestrovie will persistently fight for its identity, protect the rights and interests of its people;
  • the deputies intend to appeal to the UN Secretary General, the CIS, the European Parliament, the OSCE, the Red Cross and other organizations. They call to influence the Moldovan authorities and prevent further escalation;
  • The Transnistrian Foreign Ministry clarified that the republic asked Russia to intensify the political and diplomatic settlement of the conflict between Tiraspol and Chisinau.

What the experts say

Version 1

  • We saw this message yesterday and immediately decided that it was a hoax.
  • It was quietly dying yesterday in the Moldovan segment of the network, until it was artificially dispersed through Ukrainian resources.
  • Geopolitically, against the backdrop of all Putin’s statements about peace negotiations, such a move looks like complete nonsense, completely contrary to the tactical interests of the Russian Federation.
  • You can read about the author of the stuffing here.
  • There has already been a referendum on the admission of the PMR to Russia. They do not need to gather a congress of all deputies for this. This item is for those who understand rial politics.
  • The only strange thing is the positioning of the author as a Transnistrian oppositionist. Now we know that there is opposition in Transnistria.

Version 2

As initially expected, reports that the congress would allegedly adopt an appeal to the Russian Federation with a request to accept the “republic” into its membership turned out to be fake. There was no such treatment.

But there was an appeal to Moscow with a request “to implement measures to protect Transnistria in the face of increasing pressure from Moldova.” What is meant by this, and how, in Tiraspol’s opinion, the Russian Federation could help it (considering that the front line is now hundreds of kilometers from the “PMR” on the left bank of the Dnieper), is not specified. But the rhetoric at the congress was very harsh.

“President” of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky accused Moldova of genocide. And the congress statement said the following:

“Moldova actually launched an economic war against Transnistria, deliberately creating the preconditions for a multi-million dollar budget deficit. Moldova is seeking to destroy the Transnistrian healthcare system by blocking the supply of medicines and medical equipment. Moldova adopted a law on separatism, creating the preconditions for criminal prosecution of literally every citizen of Transnistria. Pridnestrovians are subject to discrimination and arbitrariness when crossing the border of the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is deliberately blocking negotiations and avoiding political dialogue at the level of senior leadership of the parties. Chisinau refused to implement almost all previously reached agreements with Transnistria. Socio-economic pressure is being exerted on Pridnestrovie, which directly contradicts European principles and approaches in the field of protecting human rights and free trade. Moldova was unable to recognize the existence of inalienable human rights and freedoms for the residents of Transnistria.”

But in general, this is still a “shooting-in”. And Tiraspol is now turning not so much to Moscow as to Chisinau and its Western partners, showing that the situation is very serious. Probably there is a goal to induce the West to put pressure on Sanda so that she returns the previous format of economic relations between Moldova and the “PMR”, observers of the Ukrainian publication believe A country.

But if this does not follow, then in Pridnestrovie’s statement one can read between the lines threat of conflict escalation. The truth is how it will happen, and what Tiraspol and Moscow can actually do, is still unclear.

Russia puts peacekeepers on alert

Russian peacekeeping troops deployed to the region 30 years ago to protect the Russian population from ethnic cleansing have been put on alert. Of course, the number of Russian troops is small – about a regiment of 1,500 people, the country is landlocked, and any assistance would have to pass through Ukrainian airspace.

Russia’s response is awaited with great attention. Let us not forget that in an autonomous region, which is theoretically “independent republic”huge reserves of Soviet weapons are stored, which would be enough to provide all Ukrainian troops with ammunition for at least several months!

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