June 12, 2024

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Tragedy in Crete: two missing men found drowned next to their canoe, 1.5 miles from shore

A few hours ago, the bodies of 50-year-old Kostas M. and 44-year-old Thasos T. were recovered from the sea, who had been missing since yesterday, when they went out to sea in a canoe and were carried away by strong winds.

First, the canoe of 50-year-old Costas was found, and then the body of a drowned man. Shortly after this, his 44-year-old friend Thasos was also found dead. Two residents of Rethymnia were found 1.5 nautical miles east of Sfakia.

According to statements from people close to the family, they set out from Chora Sfakia around 8 a.m. when the weather conditions were suitable for their hobby. Suddenly the north wind grew stronger and seemed to blow them out to sea. Despite their best efforts to return to Chora Sfakia, they failed.

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