April 16, 2024

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A plane of a Greek company crashed at Belgrade airport

A Greek passenger plane with 106 people on board crashed into runway equipment and was seriously damaged shortly after takeoff from Belgrade. The Embraer E-195 was en route to Dusseldorf in Germany on Sunday afternoon.

It is owned by a Greek charter airline Marathon Airlineswhich cooperates with the national carrier of Serbia AirSerbia. During takeoff, the left side of the plane was heavily damaged when it struck an obstacle at the end of the runway.

Videos and photographs of the damaged jet show a hole and tear in the fuselage at the base of the left wing. The tail section is also damaged. Firefighters filled the fuselage with foam as fuel appeared to be leaking from the damaged plane.

This is what the E-195 of Marathon Airlines OY-GDC looked like, which took off from AirSerbia after an emergency landing at BEG.

After the plane barely gained altitude, it shook violently. However, it circled the airfield for an hour before landing safely at Belgrade airport, Serbian media reported, citing passengers. All people were evacuated from the plane. No harm done…

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