May 27, 2024

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Good weather until Sunday, then rain, storm and strong winds

The weather in the first ten days of February reminded us of spring: blue skies, sun and temperatures up to 21°C, which is much higher than the seasonal average.

The good weather will continue until at least Sunday, while colder temperatures and snow are forecast towards the end of the month. According to the director of the Greek National Meteorological Service EMY, Theodoris Kolidas, temperatures will remain high until Saturday 10 February, and from Sunday the weather will change with rain and thunderstorms.

Forecast for February 10-11, 2024 from Greek meteorologists

Weather changes on Sunday from the west with showers, thunderstorms and very strong southerly winds. At the same time, the website predicts snowfalls, cold and stormy winds, and a weather front coming from Russia by the end of the month. The phenomena from the Russian Federation will be directed to Western Europe and the central-western part of the Mediterranean Sea (Putin is to blame again?).

Forecast for February 10-11, 2024 from NON-Greek meteorologists.

Temperature and wind

Rain and thunderstorms

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