May 27, 2024

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There are problems with the Internet throughout Russia

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Throughout Russia there was a massive disruption in the work of Internet providers and mobile operators. Bank search pages and applications were also unavailable, notes Downdetector monitoring service.

Users across the country report problems with access to the Yandex search services, the VKontakte social network, the Ozon and Wilberries marketplaces, and the Rutube video platform. Also, banking applications do not work, for example, Alfa Bank and Sberbank. Failures in the operation of the mobile Internet were recorded by such operators as MTS, MegaFon and Beeline.

People write that in Moscow there was no Internet for about half an hour at all – not a single provider, not a single mobile operator. Not a single site opened. About 2 hours ago the Internet was restored.

The Internet outage across Russia is related to the DNSSEC infrastructure. This was reported by the Coordination Center for National Domains of Russia, writes URA.RU.


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“A technical problem has arisen affecting the.RU zone associated with the global DNSSEC infrastructure,” says a message on the center’s website. They noted that specialists are already working to fix the problem. In addition, the problem has already been resolved for NSDI subscribers.

DNSSEC is an advanced distributed computer system for retrieving domain information. It is designed to minimize attacks related to IP address spoofing.

In the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia reportedthat the operation of all sites with “.ru” domains will be restored in the near future. The technical problem that has arisen is related to the global DNSSEC infrastructure, the department clarified. They added that specialists from the Internet Technical Center and MSK-IX are already working to eliminate it.

“At present, the problem has been resolved for subscribers of the National Domain Name System. Restoration work is underway,” — follows from the message of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation.

How notes human rights project “Network Freedoms” in its telegram channel, massive failures may be associated with experiments to create a national domain name service (DNS – Domain Name Server). It is compared to a kind of address book, which the browser “accesses” to go to the desired site. DNS connects the domain name of a website – its name and IP address, which consists of a set of numbers. But if DNS is not working, then the browser will not be able to find the site.

According to Network Freedom, this experiment may have a problem – the national domain name service may associate the browsers used with sites other than those that users have requested. There is also no guarantee that the domestic DNS will not record and transmit data about the facts of access to IP addresses.

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