June 23, 2024

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MARC Poll: Yes to Marriage and Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

Support for the government’s initiative to legalize same-sex civil marriage is gaining momentum in public opinion.

According to the results of a large survey conducted by Marc at the request of protothema.gr, the majority seem to agrees with marriage between same-sex couples. The same number of respondents also agrees with granting this type of family the right to adopt children, as well as with the protection of children already born to same-sex couples. However, society is againstand with an overwhelming percentage, “receiving” children through a surrogate mother, as SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis proposes.

In the poll, which was conducted last week (when the topic was in the spotlight) and ended on Monday, January 15, only one in three citizens consider same-sex marriage an important issue. 54.8% of Marc survey participants answer affirmatively when asked whether they agree with the legalization of same-sex marriage in Greece, as is happening in the United States and most EU countries. On the contrary, the number of those who disagree with this point of view reaches 42.5%. The percentage of people agreeing is the highest in the last six years.since, according to relevant surveys conducted earlier by “Διανέοσις”, in 2018 the percentage of those who agreed was 39.3%, a year later it became 40.8% and from 51 0.7% in 2022.

Legalization of civil marriage between persons of the same sex
Question: Civil marriage for same-sex couples is valid in the United States and most European Union countries. Do you agree or disagree with the legalization of same-sex marriage in Greece?


Most ardent supporters of same-sex marriage are on the left and center-left, as well as women and young people. While those without a specific political identification, those on the right, smaller party voters, and older men have the opposite opinion. It is also characteristic that among ND voters 51.3% agree and 46.2% disagree.

However, despite this, there is the majority of citizens who express the opinion that children already acquired by same-sex couples should be recognized with the same legal rights as other children. For example, inheritance, and if a child’s biological parent dies. In this case, the child does not have to be transferred to an institution, but may remain with the non-biological parent. Three out of four respondents (74.4%) agree with this, and only one out of five (19.5%) disagree.

52.9% of respondents think in the same direction; they support the adoption of children by same-sex couples, while 40.9% are against it. The majority of those who agree are women (61.9%), supporters of the KKE (76%), people over the age of 65 (55.9%) and those who identify themselves as leftists (82.1%). Strong opposition to adoption is expressed by men (50.5%), young people (42.3%), supporters of smaller parties (56.1%) and those who consider themselves right-wing (54.3%).

The predominance of those who disagrees with the proposal that same-sex male couples can have children through assisted reproductive technologies, such as a surrogate mother. 65.6% answered the corresponding question negatively, and only 29.6% agreed. Men, older people, ND supporters and right-wing voters are most negative. Women, the younger generation, SYRIZA voters and the left seem more loyal.

However, the issue of same-sex marriage is not considered important in relation to other problems in Greek society, such as inflation, security, health, etc. Two out of three respondents (66.9%) say that the topic is “less important or not important at all,” and only one in three (32%) considers it more or as important as other issues that concern citizens.

Adoption of children by same-sex couples
Question: Do you agree that same-sex couples should be able to adopt children who are currently living in institutions (orphanages, orphanages)?


Legal rights of children already born to same-sex couples
Question: Do you think children that same-sex couples already have should be recognized and have the same legal rights as other children?


Question: Do you agree or disagree with the proposal that same-sex male couples could have children through assisted reproductive technologies, such as surrogacy?

Increased positive expectations for 2024 (optimism and pessimism)

Interesting data from Mark’s special survey, of course, includes an increase in the percentage of citizens who believe that the year that has just begun will be better than the previous one compared to previous years. 40.1% expect it to be better, 25.9% predict it will be worse, and 32.3% responded that the situation will be about the same. A year ago, at the beginning of 2023, there was much less optimism, since the share of those who had positive expectations was 35.9%, and the number of pessimists reached 30.5%.

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