June 25, 2024

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Menidi: “stray” bullets on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, there was a hail of… bullets in the Menidi area. Local residents once again did not know what to expect from unruly brawlers firing firearms into the air.

One of the families was completely nervous. According to the STAR TV channel, bullets hit the windshield of the family car, causing it to crack and even break, and two more bullets “landed” in the courtyard of their house. The woman told about what happened: “We heard shots… My son took the child in his arms and quickly entered the house. If I had left a little earlier, I could have been wounded. We survived!”

Let us remember that in some communities, mainly Roma and gypsies, expression of “stormy joy” manifests itself in firing a weapon into the air. Be it a wedding, name day, christening, etc., local residents freeze in horror. Bullets are then often found in the courtyards of houses, after, so to speak, “violent celebrations” of restless neighbors.

Happened several times tragedy – a bullet killed a girl playing in the courtyard on Easter, and another year – a schoolboy. Residents earnestly ask the authorities to “restore order,” but as they say, “things are still there.”

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