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"Transformation" New Year’s table: favorite dishes can be made healthier (video)

Olivier with mayonnaise, high-calorie cake and even herring “under a fur coat” of vegetables pose a serious threat to health and slimness, especially if consumed in excess. But nutritionists say that the most unhealthy dishes can be made healthier.

Almost any dish can be transformed, tells nutritionist Natalya Denisova. It is enough just to reduce the amount of harmful fats, salt and sugar in it.

Salads. Olivier will become more healthy if you reduce the amount of boiled potatoes in it, replace the sausage with beef or chicken, and use fresh cucumbers instead of pickles. And instead of maoise for dressing, you can use low-fat yogurt with lemon juice. Try it! This recommendation Also relevant for herring under a fur coat – reduce the amount of potatoes and mayonnaise. And here is the recipe for an unusual salad for the New Year 2024:

Sandwiches. Instead of white bread for sandwiches, it is better to use rye or whole grain bread. It’s even better to replace the bread with a slice of fresh cucumber or a leaf of lettuce, for example, on which to put a piece of sausage, cheese or fish.

Hot meat dishes. It is advisable to replace fatty pork with fish, turkey, chicken or rabbit dishes. When baking, do not use cheese and mayonnaise (this will reduce the amount of fat and salt), replace them with spices for a brighter taste. You can completely refuse a hot dish at a late New Year’s dinner: make do with cold appetizers and a light dessert, and leave the hot dish for the next day.

Side dishes. The traditional side dish of potatoes or rice can be replaced with cabbage, zucchini, eggplant and other vegetables. They fill the stomach well and prevent you from eating large amounts of high-calorie food. In addition, eating meat along with vegetables promotes more complete absorption of iron. Also, dietary fiber contained in vegetables and herbs removes excess fats and harmful substances from the body.

Beverages. The ideal option is unsweetened drinks at room temperature: still mineral water, berry fruit drinks, compotes or rose hip decoction. Cold and carbonated drinks slow down the digestion process and increase symptoms of overeating.

Dessert. To make the dessert less high in calories, you can choose jelly with fruit or fruit salad. Ice cream is a good option, but a small amount of real ice cream is better, rather than popsicles, which have a lot of sugar.

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