May 27, 2024

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A policeman wounded in Renty had his leg amputated

Official news from the hospital where the 31-year-old injured police officer is in critical condition: his leg has been amputated.

Doctors at the Γενικό Κρατικό Νίκαιας reported that he had irreversible ischemic damage and extensive muscle necrosis in the area of ​​the wound on the thigh, and therefore the decision was made to amputate the left lower limb in order to avoid local septic and systemic complications, and a serious deterioration of his condition, writes CNN Greece. The ad says:

“He remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit in critical condition, under general anesthesia and on mechanical ventilation. Hemodynamically supported by vasoconstrictor drugs and extrarenal hemodialysis.”

Meanwhile, the investigation into the case of identifying the “leaders of the incident” is in full swing after the arrest of an 18-year-old young man who confessed to throwing a flare.

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