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Arachova: exhumation will be carried out for a new examination of the husky

The story of the investigation into the death of a husky dog ​​in Arakhov rises to the intergalactic level. In addition to dozens of investigators, the Deputy Prosecutor General, the personal supervision of the Minister of Citizen Protection and the personal participation of the Minister of Labor, a group of Attica police experts will take part in the investigation, which went to Arachova to exhumation of a dog.

The veterinary report does not shed any light on the matter and does not help the police investigation, they considered Attorney General’s Office of Greece. Therefore, a group of experts from the Attica Security Department was sent to Arachova and demanded the exhumation of the dog.

Police are investigating the case of abuse and death of a husky in Arachova as a very serious crime and are carefully examining all materials that come into their hands in order to identify and arrest the perpetrator or perpetrators, Greek police said in a press release.

For this reason, according to Vassilis Lambropoulos, a journalist for the Ta NEA and To VIMA newspapers, a team from the Attica Security Department, which deals with murders, went to Arachova to thoroughly investigate the case.

Additional Statement

At the same time, according to a Live News report, Oliver’s owner was again called to the local police station in the afternoon to give further statements.

He claims that “if they hear something about me, it’s not true,” but he does not know why he was called to the police station again. He says he has given his full testimony, has nothing to fear and is determined to fight to find whoever is responsible for abusing his dog.

Exhumation and re-examination

In the meantime, as Vassilis Lambropoulos learned, a decision was made to exhume the dog and take it to the University of Athens for a detailed examination to find out what exactly happened to the unfortunate animal. It is already expected that the dog’s burial site has been found so it can be exhumed.

Lack of clear evidence from veterinary examination

The decision on a new veterinary examination was made, apparently, because, as Vassilis Lambropoulos found out, the veterinary examination of state veterinarians does not have clear evidence of what exactly happened to the husky and does not help the police investigation to identify the culprit if cruel treatment is involved.

In particular, the police claim that the data on the case is not clear from the veterinary report of the state veterinarians. The report states that based on the findings, the dog has a bite on its ear from another dog, however, according to the document, there is no anatomical violence against the dog.

At the same time, they clarify that they cannot know whether there was cruelty to the person or something else, not excluding this, and state that hair was found on the damaged part of the husky, which was sent to forensic laboratories ELAS for DNA analysis, but examination showed that this hair belonged to a dog, perhaps even a husky itself.

“They don’t rule anything out”

At the same time, 6 cameras that were examined show it is the movement of the dog, and not of another person, but with the movement of the dog around the territory the picture is not clear. Speaking to Live News, the president of the Panhellenic Union of Veterinarians of Civil Servants, Vasiliki Zafeiropoulou, said her colleagues were not ruling out “anything”.

“I asked for a report to study it, but it was not given to me because it is material for a preliminary investigation. (…) They handed over the report with its conclusions to the police. There is clear abuse, something very serious has been done, we do not we know whether it was done by a person. It could be a person, it could be an accident, it could be a lot of things,” – she said among other things.

“These two conclusions do not contradict each other. They were simply processed at a different stage, each expert saw the animal at a different stage. A colleague, who is a private citizen, saw the animal at a different stage, and state veterinarians found it a little later, in a state of deep decomposition. They completely agree with each other.” – Vasiliki says to Zafeiropoulou.

The notable difference between the reports, she said, was the timing of the examination and the language: the veterinarian who first examined the dog, even in life, clearly spoke of sexual abuse with a sharp object, while his colleagues who conducted the forensic examination spoke of active abuse , and these are completely different things.

“We can’t know if it’s sexual, but we know that she was abused. Impact points were recorded on the animal’s body. Abrasions, ecchymoses, hematomas. They simply described their findings objectively, without value judgments, because judgment and conclusion in will eventually appear along with the preliminary investigation,” – added Mrs. Zafeiropoulou.

From the author

The author of the publication has long had the feeling that something is wrong with this case. The level of insanity is just off the charts. A rather trivial case with a dog has been allocated for investigation hundreds of times more resources than for similar cases with people. Considering that most crimes against Greek residents are investigated carelessly, and often investigators get away with formal replies, such close attention is alarming.

The participation in this case of the Minister of Labor Adonis Georgiadis, known for the fact that he carries out many of the tasks of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that are not entirely decent from the point of view of morality and ethics, is also alarming. However, in this story, Mr. Georgiadis crossed all boundaries. Open threats of collective responsibility to the residents of an entire city, statements of collective responsibility (omerta) and other unethical statements regarding a case where the real situation with the dog is not even known go beyond any bounds of decency.

The city’s residents are scared. Local hoteliers are in a panic: before the start of the tourist season, thanks to which this city lives, unfounded accusations appear at the instigation of the minister, resulting in massive cancellations of reservations.

In any other country, this official would have long been dismissed from his position with a “black ticket”, but, apparently, this does not apply to Greece…

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