February 25, 2024

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The price of feta has become prohibitively high

From being a staple on the Greek family table, feta now seems to be becoming a “delicacy”.

“We used to serve feta on the table in a big chunk, but now we put it in the salad in pieces. At the current price, it’s better to buy a piece of meat than feta,” complain buyers. According to the Mega channel, the price of feta per kilogram in 2022 was 9 euros, and today it starts from 11.5 euros and reaches 14 euros. An increase of 15–25% is evident. “It is currently unacceptable that feta, a Greek product, is sold at this price,” the producers say.

In a recent article, the Financial Times reports that Cyclone Daniel, which hit Thessaly (Greece), will lead to a shortage of the nation’s favorite cheese. At the same time, first estimates indicate a reduction in feta production by 10-15% due to catastrophic flooding.


White (goat) cheese is also participating in the inflation race. It is typical that today in supermarkets it costs from 7 to 9.5 euros, whereas a year ago you could find from 5 to 6.5 euros.

“There are other cheeses that are no less valuable, healthy and tasty. But replacing feta with something else is unrealistic!” emphasize consumers who are trying to find an alternative.

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