December 7, 2023

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Food prices after floods in Thessaly

INKA President Georgios Lehouritis announced a serious increase in prices for basic consumer goods. He told the channel about this OPENsaying it was all “speculation.”

In the transmission that connected issue with bad weather in Thessaly with the consequences of Cyclone Danielit was mentioned that, for example, the price of olive oil from 9.80 reached 13.29 euros per liter (i.e. an increase of 35%). Relevant examples:

  • Okra for 7 euros per kilogram.
  • Tomatoes from 2.20 to 2.90 euros per kilogram.
  • Feta from 12 to 13.5 euros per kilogram.

Most of the products whose prices have risen are not even produced in Thessaly. It was also announced in the program that in 2 months the price of gasoline increased by 18 cents, and oil by 27 cents.

In the meantime, the application platform for market pass remains open. The new cycle is anyway the last one and the amounts, depending on family members and income, range from 22 to 100 euros per month if payment is made with an intangible digital card.

For market pass2 beneficiaries who have already received financial assistance in previous months, there is no need to reapply, but they can submit a new application until September 25 if their bank account IBAN number has changed.

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