December 1, 2023

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Deputy from "United Russia" Evgeny Fedorov: "Restore the Russian Empire within the former USSR"

A scandalous bill was introduced to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the author of which was the deputy of the Russian party of power “United Russia” Evgeny Fedorov. He proposes to return all territories by force and restore the USSR.

He believes that Russia is the Soviet Union, so it is ready to fight with all the former republics in order to return to the borders of 1991, writes September 16 edition of “Focus”, citing a comment Evgenia Fedorova telegram to the “Putin on Telegram” channel: “The return of all former USSR republics to the Russian Federation is not a wish list, but a measure to ensure peace.”

Fedorov argued his position by the fact that various conflicts are constantly occurring in the territories of the independent former republics of the USSR. Therefore, it is quite “logical” to return them to Moscow’s control, even if Russia has to fight with each of these countries.

Fedorov declared that the republics’ exit from the USSR was “illegal”, and therefore Russia supposedly has the right to return them back. The invasion of Ukraine is the beginning of such a return. According to the deputy, the former republics of the union were in conflict with the Russian Federation and will continue to be in conflict in the future. He gave examples of these “conflicts” – Russia’s invasion of Georgia and interference in the politics of independent Armenia. To resolve these issues, the Russian Federation will fight with everyone, he assured:

“The entire territory of the USSR is unstable. There are military actions all around. The story with Ukraine is already the hundredth. Before that there was Tajikistan, Transnistria, and Georgia, and much more. This means that violation of the law of 90-91 gave rise to constant conflicts. To stop them , we will have to return to the basics – to the position of the law.”

According to him, there are claims against Lithuania: it should not be a member of NATO, and special lawyers should deal with issues of border restoration. A year ago, State Duma deputy from the United Russia party Yevgeny Fedorov spoke on the Khodorkovsky Live channel and commented on his initiative to refuse to recognize the independence of Lithuania. He submitted to the State Duma a bill to repeal the resolution of the USSR State Council “On recognition of the independence of the Republic of Lithuania.” The United Russia deputy believes that the resolution of the State Council of the USSR is illegal, since it was adopted by an unconstitutional body and in violation of the requirements of a number of articles of the USSR Constitution, according to the explanatory note to the draft.

On the live broadcast of Khodorkovsky Live with Fedorov, Timur Olevsky and Vasily Azarov entered into an argument directly from Lithuania. The deputy, “as a lawyer,” stated that “Russia has the right to Ukraine and Lithuania,” “the return of Ukraine and Lithuania to Moscow is a legal process,” and “the territory of Ukraine is the territory of Russia.”

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