June 15, 2024

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Kidney cancer: 50% more new cases each year

The Hellenic Urological Society established the first patient room in Europe.

The increase in new cases of kidney cancer, either sporadic or hereditary, has been significant in recent years, mainly due to more frequent referral of patients for CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound.

While from 1990 to 2017 the number of cases increased by 46% annually, coronavirus pandemic led to a fourfold increase in the number of caseswhich were discovered incidentally while trying to investigate possible pneumonia, as the kidneys are visible on a CT scan of the lower respiratory tract.

The above facts were noted by Petros Sudulidis, Associate Professor of the Department of Urology, who noted that kidney cancer diagnosis is easyas no biopsy is required.

Treatment of the disease is carried out surgically or systemically, depending on the size and stage, and starts from cryotherapy, local destruction of the tumor or partial resection of the kidney, up to radical nephrectomy in advanced cases.

Operations are performed for tumors larger than 3 cm, since close control is preferable up to this size in order to protect the kidney from surgery so as not to cause renal failure in the patient. Tumors up to 3 cm have a very low risk of metastasis.

Kidney cancer causes no symptoms except in advanced stages, which may cause obstruction, hematuria, or other symptoms associated with metastases. Of all cases of kidney cancer, 5-10% are hereditary and appear, on average, around the age of 37 years.

Mr. Sudulidis believes that in the coming years it will be possible to conduct genetic test for all malignant neoplasms. Finally, the professor mentioned about the first patient room in Europecreated by the Hellenic Urological Society with the aim of supporting and informing patients with urological diseases, developing promotion and prevention programs for the general public.

The professor also pointed out that there is no association of patients with prostate cancer (and it would be necessary to create!), in contrast to the association of patients with breast cancer.

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