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10 Interesting Facts About Women They Don’t Teach in Schools

In ancient Rome, girls were married off at the age of 12. Although their childhood did not last long, they continued to play with toys. One of them was discovered at the end of the 19th century and was a wooden doll.

Girls in ancient Rome had their own version of Barbie.

The toy was found in the sarcophagus of a girl who lived in Rome in the 2nd century AD. As you can see, she had a lot in common with the modern Barbie.

Women in ancient Egypt could hold high positions in the religious hierarchy.


In ancient Egypt, a woman could have the position of “god’s wife”, which was associated with various deities. The most important was the position of the “wife of the god Amun.” This title was given to a woman who assisted the priests in ceremonies.

Women in ancient Egypt had equal rights with men to the throne


The rights of men and women were almost equal, which was unusual for that time. The biggest proof of this was that women had equal rights with men to claim the throne.

Women in ancient Greece had the right to divorce


Although women in ancient Greece were not considered citizens and did not have many rights, they did have the right to divorce. All the woman needed was to find a male representative who would make a deal on her behalf.

Women in Rome were educated


Most girls learned the basics in school, such as reading and writing. However, some families wanted their daughters to have more general knowledge, so they hired tutors for private lessons in grammar and Greek.

Women in Rome wore bikinis.


This 4th century AD mosaic features a portrait of bikini-clad girls found in Sicily. It’s amazing how progressive the Romans were.

Women in ancient Rome were very athletic.


The mosaic shows that women in ancient Rome were very fond of gymnastics. The women had many creative activities and an intense social life.

Men in ancient China had the right to divorce their wives if they talked too much.


Women in ancient China had no rights at all and were considered the property of their husbands. Marriages were arranged by professionals, and at the wedding a woman saw her husband for the first time. There were many reasons why a man could divorce his wife: she could not give birth to a son, evidence of infidelity, disrespect for her husband’s parents, theft, a recurrence of an infectious disease, jealousy and excessive talkativeness.

Women in India were free to choose their husband


In ancient India, women had equal rights with men. They had the right not only to freely choose their own husband, but also to marry whenever they wanted. Moreover, women in India were well educated.

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