May 30, 2024

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Arrest of a 57-year-old man who photographed minors in a swimming pool

A squad of police officers from the DIAS emergency response team proceeded to arrest a 57-year-old man who photographed minors in the Metamorfosi Attica pool.

Reportedly, the photographer was fully “equipped”, holding in his hands a state-of-the-art camera with maximum optical zoom (“object zoom”). In addition, thousands of files with minors were found in his house and sent to the forensic department of the Greek police.

A man arrested for violating the Personal Data Act was caught red-handed taking pictures of underage children in the Metamorfosi pool. After corresponding complaints, the DIAS team went to the scene and found a man who had complete audiovisual equipment (cameras, attachments, batteries, etc.).

Among other things, the police confiscated homemade paper camera case he thought he wouldn’t be noticed with. They found on him: three cameras, two video cameras, two batteries for cameras, a newspaper (for cover) and a homemade paper case for cameras.

The incident took place last Friday when the police caught him red-handed – he photographed underage girls, focusing on their pubis and buttocks. All this happened without the consent of the unsuspecting girls training in the outdoor swimming pool of the municipality of Metamorfosi Attica.

After the attacker was arrested, by order of the prosecutor, the police searched his house in the Zografu district, where four laptops, three cameras, two tablets and 17 memory cards were found and confiscated. The detainee was taken to the prosecutor’s office.

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