March 1, 2024

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Menidi: stray bullet in the school window

In Menidi, a stray bullet is found lodged in an elementary school window, the fourth in a month. Residents of the area are very concerned about the situation – a constant threat to their lives.

On Friday, May 5, riots reigned at the Menidi Primary School when… a bullet was found in a window pane. According to ANT1, at around 2:00 pm, the school director found her in a classroom where lessons for sixth-graders are held. The man immediately called the authorities, who went to the scene. Specialists took the bullet and are investigating to solve the case.

It is noted that this is the fourth bullet found at the school in a month, and the eighth in a year. Residents of the area complain that they hear shots every day, and this greatly worries them. Some even found bullets in their homes and yards. The public is convincingly asking the authorities to restore order in the area.

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