June 25, 2024

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Pets: Mandatory submission of a DNA sample from any unneutered dog or cat

Dog or cat owners those who do not wish to have their pets spayed will have to send a DNA sample animal to a specialized laboratory of the Academy of Athens.

In particular, with the new circular of the Ministry of the Interior, this alternative solution is activated, which was adopted in Law 4830/21 after the reaction of the owners to the decision on compulsory sterilization of pets, which was originally chosen to solve the problem of stray animals.

It is worth noting that collection of a sample of genetic material will be performed exclusively by a certified veterinarian by taking blood (0.5-2 ml) or, if this is not possible, a buccal swab sample (cell sample from the inside of the mouth, cheek, which is taken with special cotton swabs). In this way, a “genetic passport” of the pet will be created.

Per procedure via www.gsis.gr an electronic fee (fee) is collected in the amount of 135 euros for each animal and another 15 euros paid to the veterinarian for the procedure for taking genetic material.

For dogs intended exclusively for the protection of herds (shepherd dogs), no fee is charged.

For owners who do not perform one of the two actions (sterilization or sending genetic material), a fine of 1,000 euros is provided.

These samples are then sent to the recommended Laboratory for the Storage and Analysis of Domestic Animal Genetic Material (EFAGYZS) of the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens (IIVEAA) and remain in the relevant database for at least 12 years. In parallel, the veterinarian updates the database in the National Pet Registry (EMZS).

Thus, the competent authorities will be able to quickly find the owners of abandoned animals or establish the “parents” of dead puppies, kittens.

40% of the fee is transferred to the IIVEAA account to cover the operating costs of EFAGYZS, 5% to the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems of the Ministry of Digital Management for the operation of EMZS and 55% to the Ministry of the Interior (to the municipal departments involved in supporting action for the welfare of stray pets) .

The amount is very solid and there are certain doubts that the population will “rush” to carry out this order. Moreover, there are certain doubts about its legality.

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