May 25, 2024

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After a good dinner, a group of young people left the tavern without paying their bill.

A group of four young people went into one of the taverns in Patras and, after eating, allegedly left without paying.

According to, the incident occurred at a seaside diner where the guys went to eat seafood, but left without paying their bill. The arrogance of the guys irritated the owner of the tavern, and he decided to publish footage captured by the security camera on Facebook, thereby embarrassing (and finding) them. “These ‘rotten’ people came to me, ate and didn’t pay! Anyone who gives me information about them will be richly rewarded,” the post reads.

According to the owner of the catering establishment, “the young people had a plan, and it shows in their actions.” So he decided to upload surveillance images and ask the public for information in order to find the insolent people. However, his move sparked a lot of angry reactions, with many condemning the fact that he decided to release the videos of the young people’s faces.

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