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Was the object that fell in Kyiv a NASA satellite, a UFO or a meteorite?

A small panic among the inhabitants of Kyiv was caused by an unidentified flying object that appeared over the capital of Ukraine last night. Around 22:00 on April 19, a bright flash was observed over Kiev.

Local authorities spoke about an air object in the region. There was also information about the alleged work of the Air Defense Forces, but it was not confirmed. Ukrainians immediately “christened” this phenomenon as a UFO.

Ukrainians were immediately “born” with numerous memes.

Seeing an unusual and frightening phenomenon, the Ukrainians and the people of Kiev, in particular, began to put forward their own versions about what it could be. First of all, of course, they thought about alien creatures, then information appeared about the fallen NASA satellite.

The city military administration explained what it was: “At about 22:00 on April 19, a bright glow of an air object was observed in the sky within Kiev. According to preliminary information, this phenomenon was the result of a NASA space satellite falling to Earth,” said Sergey Popko, head of the KGVA . According to him, an air raid alert was issued to avoid casualties from debris falling to the ground. The air defense did not work, but immediately after that, the air raid alarms turned on. However, NASA said that reports of the fall of their satellite are not true.

What do the military say? The press service of the Air Force said that the cause of the outbreak over Kiev on Wednesday evening could be the fall of a satellite or a meteorite. “According to preliminary information, flashes over the city of Kiev around 22:30 are associated with the fall of a satellite / meteorite (to be confirmed),” the report says. The press service assured that there is currently no threat of the enemy using air attack in the Kiev direction, the air defense is in full readiness.

At the same time, in a number of regions of Ukraine, an air raid alert was actually announced on Thursday night. In particular, they report an attack on the Dnieper and a number of explosions in the city. At the Main Center for Special Control under the Space Agency of Ukraine reportedthat yesterday recorded a high-energy acoustic event. “April 19, 2023 at 21:57 Kyiv time, a high-energy acoustic event was registered by the infrasound facilities of the GTsSK on the territory of Ukraine. The estimated location of the epicenter of the explosion is in the Kiev region. The event is probably associated with the entry of a cosmic body into the dense layers of the atmosphere, the information is being specified”, – the message says.

“This night, the enemy is again attacking with strike drones and guided air bombs. The anti-aircraft missile forces of the Vostok Air Command destroyed 10 out of 11 Shahed-136/131 drones,” the press service of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

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