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Smoke in the car – pay a fine

Those who smoke in the car and do not comply with the anti-smoking law face an especially large fine.

One of the most harmful habits for human health is smoking, as it impairs the quality of life and is the main cause of serious diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Given the devastating effects of cigarettes on the human body, an anti-tobacco law (4633/2019) has been in force for several years, which significantly restricts the rights of a smoker.

Regarding smoking in a car, the law states that it is allowed, provided there are no children under the age of 12 in the car.

Otherwise, an administrative fine of 1,500 euros is imposed on a smoking passenger, regardless of whether he is a driver. In addition, if the smoker is driving a public vehicle, the fine is doubled to 3,000 euros.

In addition, violating drivers lose their driver’s license for a period of one month for each violation, even if the offense was not committed by them themselves, but by the passenger. It is noted that the identification of an offense and the imposition of the above administrative penalties is carried out by the police. The Tobacco Control Act, in some way, legalizes smoking while driving. However the cigarette occupies one of the driver’s hands and thereby interferes with the necessary maneuvers. As a result, accidents are possible.

Finally, no matter who threw a lit cigarette out of a car window (driver or passenger), driving a vehicle is punished suspension of driving license for 60 days.

The fire department also has the authority to impose a penalty for throwing out a lit cigarette based on Fire Service Regulation 19/2020. The minimum fine is 200 euros, and the maximum, even in the case of multiple violations, is 5,000 euros.

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