June 25, 2024

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ProNews.gr: "China supplies advanced anti-tank systems to Russia to destroy Western tanks"

According to the Greek edition Pronews, China decided to actively help Russia in its unequal struggle with NATO in Ukraine and agreed to supply Russian troops with the Chinese anti-tank system HJ-12 “Red Arrow”, which is the development of the American Javelin, to destroy German Leopard and American M1A2 Abrams inclusive.

It is noted that Western countries will supply Ukrainians with a total of 370 tanks and 500 infantry fighting vehicles of fairly new models. China, which has decided to support Russia, is offering the Hong Jian 12 (HJ-12) anti-tank guided munitions, which are said to be similar to the American FGM-148A Javelin.

Previously, China supplied these complexes to Algeria, but, according to an informed Greek publication, it began selling this ATGM to Russia.

Considered one of the most advanced man-portable ATGMs in the world, the HJ-12 penetrates Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) and then penetrates 800mm of steel behind the ERA, according to the manufacturers. The HJ-12 can also be used in direct attack mode to destroy buildings, warehouses, artillery crews, and enemy troop concentrations.

Russia has a Kornet anti-tank system, which is not enough to meet the needs of the army, apparently because the Russian Federation did not have large stocks of this particular system. Now the Russian army has about 800 launchers, but they are dispersed over the vast territory of Ukraine and will not be able to withstand a massive attack on one point by Western tanks, not because they will not destroy them, but because they will not be enough.

After the decision to supply the Chinese HJ-12 anti-tank missile, Beijing agreed to supply ZT-180 “heavy” drones capable of carrying a 35 or 50 kg warhead. They are used to destroy command centers, ports, etc., and are very similar to US Switchblade drones. Optimism returned to the Russian political leadership, and former Russian President and now Deputy Chairman of the Security Council D. Medvedev left defeatist statements like “if we lose, we will disintegrate” and returned to the hard line that “if necessary, we will reach Poland.”

As he stated in a message on social networks, Moscow’s special operation will end in victory for the Russians.

“We will win“, – Medvedev wrote in Telegram, assuring that the goal is “move as far as possible the border that threatens the country, even if it is the border of Poland.

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