May 22, 2024

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Cracks in the Ataturk Dam after earthquakes

The Atatürk Dam in southeast Turkey appears to be in critical condition after two devastating earthquakes of 7.5 and 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred relatively close to it.

Reports are coming from Turkey saying that “there are many cracks in the dam after strong earthquakes.” The surrounding areas have already been evacuated.

Experts warned that the dam could break at any moment, and the resulting devastation could affect an area of ​​30 square kilometers near the dam.

Turkish professor of seismology Dr. Nasi Göryur, in an alarm message, says: “I appeal to stakeholders: check the dams in the region“.

The dam of Lake Midanki in Afrin, northern Syria, has cracked. If the international community does not intervene and send committees to restore the dam, a tragedy worse than an earthquake could occur.

The Atatürk Dam is the main structure of the GAP South East Anatolia Project (Güneydou Anadolu Project), which aims to use the water resources of the Tigris and Euphrates springs.

Currently, the GAP project consists of 13 dams, 7 of which control the waters of the Euphrates River, and 6 of which control the waters of the Tigris River. Another dam is expected to be completed, bringing the total number of dams to 14, up from 22 originally envisaged. The Atatürk Dam is part of the Euphrates Environment, forming the lake of the same name, the third largest in Turkey. The area of ​​the reservoir is 817 square kilometers, and the estimated volume of water is 48.7 cubic kilometers.

The water level in the lake reached its maximum in 1994 at 546 m above sea level, but since then has fluctuated between 526 m above sea level and 537 m above sea level. The maximum allowable height for the safety of the dam is 546 m above sea level, and the minimum for the operation of the hydroelectric power plant is 526 m above sea level.

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