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"get rich" in the animal world

Promoting pets, starring in movies and TV shows, and creating content featuring them as protagonists is enough to make them… a fortune.

It is difficult to say how this became possible – for the “animal to earn”, and besides, it’s not bad at all. Nevertheless, there is a rating of pets rich.

The free capital market and digital media “legitimized” the decision, meaning that “a pet can not only inherit money (as it was before the beginning of the new millennium), but also earn it“Many times, pets have become rich through their participation in movies, TV series and commercials. Recently, they are in high demand on various digital platforms, where the term “content creation” is no longer a vague and general formulation. This is a strategy that breeds rich people.” “in the animal world”!

The last on the list (counting backwards so you don’t get apoplexy), the eighth richest pet in the world, is the pug. His name is Doug the Pug and he has twelve million followers on social platforms. Since his career took off, his Instagram post fees have topped $22,000. Overall estimate of “earnings”: one and a half million dollars.

In the penultimate place is the dog Pontiac. Owner Betty White (viewers remember her from The Golden Girls) left five million dollars in her will to the golden retriever, “so that he spends the rest of his life in comfort.” Unfortunately (or perhaps “normally” because that’s usually the case) Betty buried Pontiac, not the other way around. Since then, she vowed to have dogs ….

Followed by:

  • Suppet, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat with 13 million
  • Gifp, the Pomeranian with the most followers on Instagram with 25 million,
  • dog Opry Winfrey With 30 Million,
  • Taylor Swift cat with 97 million.

And finally, at the top of the list is a German Shepherd named Gunder Six. The dog is incredibly photogenic, and as a truly rich man, he has never had to work a day in his life.

Not with jokes and pranks on Instagram, he made his capital. Not selling dry food and knick-knacks on TV. Shepherd inherited a fortune through a trust from a German baroness and now lives in a villa that is purchased from Madonna (through the Günther Corporation, a company set up to manage his estate). Thus, the state of the dog is half a billion dollars.

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