May 18, 2024

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WEF-2023: “We must create ’15-minute districts’ and there must be no cars in the world!”

Bastien Girod, member of the Swiss National Council and protégé of the infamous Klaus Schwab, speaking at the 2023 World Economic Forum conference, said there was a need for 15-minute smart neighborhoods, or what he called sustainable neighborhoods, so that people don’t have to have car!

In short, what he is promoting is the creation of neighborhoods that will have what a person needs within a radius of 15 minutes from him if he moves on foot. This is a kind of “house arrest” when the “prisoner” will be locked in his area of ​​​​residence!

Of course, in order for all this to happen, it is necessary to reduce the standard of living, restrict freedom of movement and, ultimately, restrict general freedom, because someone who freely expresses himself will at some point offend others when he gets tired of walking in a radius 15 minutes from his house and he wants to see something else…

It’s being sold along with the climate change narrative that people will stop producing carbon dioxide because they won’t use fuel and energy-consuming vehicles, which means it will save… the planet.

As a reminder, this is essentially an application of lessons learned from the lockdown during the pandemic. These are not his views, these are the views of the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab and his fellow globalists, whose apologists he and George Soros are, want to achieve complete control over all people, which they seek to do through the spread and development of technology. They present their desired control as a “great reset” and that it will be something beneficial to humanity.

It is noted that WEF President Klaus Schwab openly admits that the people he trained, who adhere to the same ideas of the great reset, have infiltrated governments and are promoting “global citizenship”.

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