May 25, 2024

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Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani Pavlos: "It is sinful for Orthodox to kill Orthodox"

The accusations of the Metropolitan of Kozan were made against Russia before throwing the holy cross into the waters of Kozani on the day of Theophany:“It is a sin for Orthodox Christians to kill Orthodox Christians.”

On these holy days for Orthodox,, the metropolitan could not fail to mention what Russia is doing against Ukraine. And after all the suffering it has caused the Ukrainian people, the Muscovite church still blesses. He noted:

“It is a sin for Orthodox people to kill Orthodox people, and the worst thing is that the church blesses Muscovites.”

Metropolitan Pavel did not fail to mention our “eternal” threat, Turkey, which provokes everyone at the first opportunity:

“I want peace in Greece, because we have this eternal … Turk who constantly threatens Greece and the whole world. Stop the war in Ukraine, because what is happening is a sin. This is what a person has come to, to this state. what the priests do in Russia should not be an excuse for us either. One should not think that since despots do it there, why not do it here. No, my dears. When a person goes to court, he tries to support himself. He does not say that he did one and the other.”

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