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The most stressful job, where the stress indicator "going off scale"

Assistant anesthesiologist, judge, operator. There are many stressful jobs. But the Occupational Information Network, or O*NET, part of the US Department of Labor, found the most stressful job among 873 jobs.

Specifically, O*NET ranked these occupations based on how important it is for employees to accept criticism and deal calmly with stressful situations in each job.

Jobs found in the top 10 have one thing in common. According to Cinema Buber, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, it’s about “how important the decisions they have to make every day are. These are all high-stakes decisions.”

According to the data, the most stressful job of a urologist. A urologist examines a patient’s genitourinary system to diagnose or treat diseases and disorders such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, urinary incontinence, bladder and prostate cancer. Urologists also perform operations on these areas of the body.

This job requires years of training, a medical license, and previous work experience.

When it comes to stress, it “scores” 100 out of 100. And there are many reasons for this. First of all, this is a job that requires absolute precision. The stakes in case of a mistake are high.

Another factor increasing the workload for urologists is the intimate nature of the body parts they work with. “Many patients are quite sensitive to this,” Buber explains to CNBC.

Historically, the percentage of urologists accused of medical malpractice has been high. According to a 1998 survey published in the journal Urology, of the 110 urologists listed as America’s Top Doctors, 77% were treated.

“It is always in the top 5 medical specialties for which there are lawsuits,” says Buber, explaining that this increases the pressure.

Yet, at least in the US, urologists earn high salaries: O*NET data shows they earn an average of $208,000 a year.

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