February 25, 2024

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Greece will create a national registry of patients with HIV

By the decision of the Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris in Greece for the first time introduced a national register of patients with HIV infection.

Today, December 1st, World AIDS Day, the Ministry of Health announced the creation, for the first time in Greece, of a national registry of patients with HIV infection and inclusion in the system for issuing electronic prescriptions for antiretroviral drugs and referrals for laboratory tests.

The purpose of the registry is:

  • Register all HIV patients diagnosed and/or treated in Greece.
  • Collect accurate, necessary and relevant data that will relate to epidemiological data, stage of the disease, treatment features and course of the disease, as well as data from the department (location, region) and the attending physician.
  • Based on the collected epidemiological data, draw conclusions about the prevalence of the disease, risk factors, distribution by age and sex, the course of the disease, monitoring outcomes, the effectiveness and safety of the methods of treatment used.
  • To provide an opportunity to assess the use of health services and their more efficient organization.
  • Make it possible to provide scientific capacity with the ability to manage and monitor specific patients throughout the country.
  • Ensure that all necessary medical data related to the confirmation of a patient’s diagnosis can be recorded based on scientific criteria for inclusion in the registry.
  • Provide the ability to periodically record and monitor indicators and parameters that are considered necessary to analyze the progress (health status) of patients.
  • Provide electronic antiretroviral prescriptions and disease monitoring tests for people with HIV infection.
  • Promote disease surveillance by the National Public Health Organization (EODY).
  • Make it possible to collect anonymized or pseudonymized data for research with the possibility of access to them by the scientific community upon a motivated request.

The new ministerial decision is part of a comprehensive prevention and protection network for people with HIV, which also includes:

  1. The possibility of adoption by HIV-positive couples if they follow the treatment program.
  2. Establishment of an assisted reproduction department and a cryopreservation bank for people with HIV infection.
  3. Provision of antiviral/antiretroviral drugs for prevention (Prep).

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