June 12, 2024

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Christmas tree installed on Syntagma

The countdown to Christmas has already begun. On Friday morning, a fluffy forest beauty 21 meters high was installed on Syntagma Square.

The Christmas tree will decorate the central square of the city for the festive season of this year and is designed to cheer up the citizens and guests of the capital. Natural spruce with a height of 21 meters (the size of a 7-storey building) and a weight of about 6 tons will be firmly fixed on a special metal base and arrived in Athens from Karpenisi. Special brigades of the municipality installed the tree on Syntagma Square with the help of a crane, and passers-by have already managed to take the first photos.

The Christmas tree will be lit by 6,000 energy-saving lanterns and a star will be placed on top. This year’s decoration will meet the requirements of the festive season, however, with an “energy savings in mind”.

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