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Personal Doctor: “Breaked” the Millionth Barrier, How to Make an Appointment Using TaxisNet Codes

Appeals to personal doctors exceeded the mark of 1,000,000, according to the Greek Ministry of Health.

More than 1,000,000 personal doctor visits were reportedly uploaded to the system. Approximately 308,000 appointments have been added for the current week from October 18 to October 23, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

The process of making an appointment after registering a citizen with a personal doctor is carried out in the following ways:

1. Through the electronic platform (ehealth.gov.gr/p-rv/p).

2. Through telephone communication with your personal doctor or his secretary.

3. By calling the five-digit numbers 14900, 14884, 14784 (for a fee).

It is noted that the electronic process admission records built to platform standards vaccination records against Covid-19. To make an appointment through the electronic platformthe citizen visits the website (ehealth.gov.gr/p-rv/p) and selects the option “Log in with TaxisNet codes (non-material prescription, electronic records)”.

A special way that does not require an authenticated mobile phone number to enter the service.

  • Login with TaxisNet codes.
  • Specify AMCA.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Select the option “New appointment with my personal doctor” in the menu that appears on the page in the online service.

Then the citizen sees available appointment time based on your personal doctor’s schedule and selects the desired day and time. Please note that appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes. If a citizen makes an appointment with their personal doctor for the first time, the duration of their appointment will be 30 minutes in order to fill out an individual electronic health card (EAPHY). Number of receptionswhich a citizen can prescribe in a doctor’s office, not limited.

It is noted that all personal physicians are required to contact registered citizens to complete their medical records, even if they do not show up for an appointment. The schedule of appointments should be drawn up at the end of the month for the next two months for each personal doctor.

The circular provides the following example. Suppose a personal physician has 1,000 registered citizens. At the end of September, meetings should be scheduled for October and November. Based on the number of registered citizens, this GP should have 20 hours of appointments scheduled. At the end of October, you should check if the number of people registered with this personal doctor has changed. In the event that on the last day of October the number of citizens registered with a given doctor has increased to 1700, he must schedule an additional 10 hours for November, and December must be scheduled taking into account the new number.

All appointments of contracted family physicians, which are now part of the Institute of Personal Physicians, remain as they were. Login via link https://ehealth.gov.gr/p-rv/p


Citizens who do not have a personal doctor will pay “fines” out of their own pockets. Based on the regulations expected to be issued by the Ministry of Health, the fines will be as follows:

  • Citizens will not be able to be referred to public hospitals. Thus, they will have to choose a private hospital to meet their needs, while EOPYY will not have coverage because the referral was not issued.
  • They will pay baboutmost of the costs of medical operations, tests and examinations, as well as medicines. The exact percentage will be set in the decision of the ministry, but as stated by the leadership of the Ministry of Health, especially in relation to medicines, self-participation is likely to be increased by 10%. That is, if today participation in the purchase of medicines reaches 25%, then those who do not have a prescription from a personal doctor will pay 35%.

They will not have priority enrollment in public health services. esysince the appointment will be made through a personal doctor and, therefore, citizens who have chosen their personal doctor will stand in front of him.

According to Healthreport.gr , the “Personal Doctor” scheme is a commitment based on financial assistance agreements signed between Greece and European creditors during the economic crisis. Therefore, as soon as the ministerial decision is published, it will be submitted to the competent European institutions the next day.

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