June 25, 2024

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Greek police attacked journalists and used tear gas against a wheelchair user

During a protest demonstration on Thursday, July 25, police brutally beat demonstrators, photojournalists and journalists, and did not hesitate to use tear gas even against a person in a wheelchair.

About 500 demonstrators gathered outside the University of Athens to protest against the denial of release from prison Yiannis Mikhailidis, an anarchist who has gone on a hunger strike since May 23, 2022. 36-summer man serving a 16-year prison sentence for bank robbery. His doctors and lawyers petitioned for his release, but the Justice Council rejected him, arguing that he had not “recovered”, citing his escape from prison in June 2019. The fugitive was found and arrested 6 months later.

Videos and photos posted on social media showed a man falling to the ground after being punched by a police officer. He reportedly tried to run away from tear gas and a jet of water from a water cannon.

A citizen handcuffed by ΜΑΤ officers and led into a police bus. Then another policeman comes up from the side and punches him in the face.

ΜΑΤ attacks photojournalists and journalists recording a protest despite telling them they are working for the media and doing their job.

On Friday, the Greek police ordered an internal investigation into several police officers and temporarily assigned them to other positions pending its completion.

Greek police statement

A lengthy statement from the Greek police said it had announced an administrative review “on incidents that are reproduced on websites and social media in connection with disciplinary offenses by police officers against citizens.”

At the same time, the police are talking about “successive attacks by groups of people with bats, poles, stones, pieces of marble and other objects on police officers.”

The statement added that one officer in charge of order was first wounded in the leg and then thrown to the ground by a group of persons who kicked him several times in the body. The officer was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with chest and limb injuries.”

According to the statement, “after the end of the march, groups of people caused damage to shops and infrastructure in the city center.”

14 protesters were detained, four of them were arrested on charges of offenses of resistance, disobedience, disturbing the peace, simple and dangerous bodily harm, insults, and violations of the law on weapons, the Greek police said in a statement, the newspaper said. ethnos.gr.

PS Why did the police attack journalists, and did not explain? Apparently, the courses on self-control for policemen, which the minister boasted of, did not go in favor.

PPS Studying history, we can safely say that now the Greek society is in the process of sliding towards dictatorship. This is clear.

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