June 20, 2024

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In Croatia, a boat with 50 tourists sank after crashing into the embankment

In the Croatian Split, a boat, on board of which there were about fifty tourists, could not moor and sank.

She gave details of the incident “European Truth”referring to the Balkan Observer portal. It happened at about 2:35 am, on the 21-meter tourist vessel “Morska vila” there were about 50 people. They all managed to leave the boat before it sank, no one was hurt.

Shocking details became known from unofficial sources: the 44-year-old captain was tritely under the influence of alcohol, more than one ppm was found in his blood (100 grams of vodka is about 0.55 ppm). All other crew members were absolutely sober.

Previously, the captain of the vessel had already been detained on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. He is now under criminal investigation by the Split police. The investigation will establish what led to the accident and the sinking of the ship – only alcohol or any wrong actions of the crew.

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